Gathered | Shanghai Family Photographer

I loved their traditional outfits, and pink flowers too:)

Family | Shanghai Family Photographer

I haven’t shared in quite a long time, and I’m about to going on a blogging craze(ish?), yup:)New year’s resolutions for 2013? -> Neglect my blog way less 😉

So. This is my cousin and her beautiful family, whom I spent about a month of my summer with. I don’t know why I haven’t shared any of theirs on here yet, finally now! I somewhat(?) baby sat the two lovely(!!!) kiddos during my summer. I got the chance to pull them for photos between naps whenever an idea sparks my mind(I shared a lot of their individual/sibling shots on my Facebook page, not here). For them as a family, I decided that I would capture them doing nothing but being just simply being a family. We also made a little family film(I love it!), which I’m dying to share with everyone but have decided it should be their own little thing for nobody but them, maybe sometime in the future 😉

So, for now, I present you in still images, a FAMILY (I’m so cliché, aren’t I? Sorryyyyyy ;)) –

I had to post this one of him as I haven’t shared it on Facebook. Such a happy kid:)

Remembering Shanghai | Shanghai Maternity Photographer

These two are quite the jet setters, knowing their time in Shanghai won’t be forever, they wanted their maternity session to have an essence of Shanghai. I love downtown Shanghai as it’s somewhat modern but has that ancient feeling to it.:)

November 2, 2012 - 4:32 am

alana - hey Phoebe! i lived in Beijing for two years and loved it! (unfortunately never made it down to Shanghai though) My goal is to go back to China in the next 5 years for a photography tour. Anyway, I love the first image–gorgeous house. And also really like the third image–the bike, the sidewalk, the gate–very Chinese.

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